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      Doctor Gerrish, however, repelled the insinuation, as he had done before. "To my mind," said he, "everything points to the opposite conclusion. If Mr. Arling had anything to gain by poisoning his uncle, he must have gained it by staying here, and not by flight. Besides, he is too intelligent a man not to know that such flight would, in itself, arouse suspicion, and imply guilt. Having given the matter a good deal of thought, since morning, I have decided that the poisoning must have been accidental. However, we will, with your permission, call in that old 'Maumer' and examine her a little more minutely than we did before. I have thought of several questions that it would be well to ask."

      "I think it is making a great deal too much of her to go to Falmouth on purpose to see her," said Isola, with a grain of pettiness; and then, after a pause, during which the colonel had been trying to appease a sharp appetite with the muscular leg of an elderly fowl, she said nervouslyYes, she said. They come every hour, and from people I dont ever seem to have heard of. We shall want a room to hold them all. Oh! but I want to show you something. Wait a moment.

      No, she said in so low a voice that he could just hear it; then she turned away from him. He rose from his knees to follow her, to urge his suit; but, looking over her shoulder, she shook her head as if to bid him stay where he was, and then, not swiftly, but slowly, as if she were a spirit of the moonlight, she glided away from him."Poor child!" she repeated, as they moved slowly down the steep, narrow path, "and do you really shudder at the thought of death? I don't. I have only a vast curiosity. Do you remember that definition of Sir Thomas Browne's which Martin read to us once'Death is the Lucina of life.' Death only opens the door of the hidden worlds which are waiting for all of us to discover. It is only an appalling name for a new birth. I love to dream about the infinite possibilities of the futurejust as a boy might dream of the time when he should become a man. Look, look, Isa, there's a yacht coming in! Isn't it a lovely sight?"

      The newspaper men? said Esmeralda. I dont understand. What have they got to do with you or me?Alas! those pale tea-roses, those sulphur and flame-[Pg 19]coloured dahlias, meant the last crumbs of summer's plenteous feast. Soon winter and barrenness would spread over the poor little garden; but even in the chill dark heart of mid-winter those graceful conifers and shining laurels, the vermilion on the holly bushes, the crimson of the hawthorn berries would give beauty to the scene; and then would come the return of Persephone with her hands full of gold, the abundant gold of crocus and daffodil, jonquil and pale primrose, the rain of yellow blossoms which heralds the spring.

      He went to the door of the hut. Esmeralda was seated on a log of wood mending a stocking. He laid his hand upon her shoulder, and looked at her with a strange smile.

      He appealed to Varley.He was a very wonderful man, said Mr. Pinchook. And an ornament to any society



      What is it, dear? she asked, with loving anxiety. You have kept up so well until now.Norman pulled at his cigar. It was some one I met abroad, he said. She was the loveliest, sweetest But you dont want me to rave about her. I was madly in love. Im madly in love still; but it wasnt any use. She said, No, andand I came away and left her. Ive been trying to forget her, but I havent succeeded very well. I suppose I shall some daywhen Im ninety, or thereabouts.